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How detergent pods can save healthcare

Each year, 600 loads of laundry are performed by the average American household. There aren’t many steps to performing a well-washed load of laundry, yet more than half of households inaccurately perform the most critical task by over-pouring laundry detergent.

For almost a decade now, laundry detergent manufacturers have been decreasing the amount of detergent needed per load by increasing concentrations. Yet despite the need to use less, Americans keep pouring more. It’s easy to see how detergent can be over-poured. For one, the cap holds far more liquid than is necessary to perform a load of laundry, even for the maximum size load. Second, the measurement lines on the inside of the cap are typically the same color as the cap itself, so obtaining a precise measurement can be challenging. Third, performing laundry becomes a task of muscle memory, causing Americans to skip the directions and pour the amount they’re used to pouring, even if the detergent is super-concentrated.

Read the full article on Becker’s Hospital Review.

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