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Your Water Bill for November is $16k… Now What?

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Last week, in Marblehead, Massachusetts, a couple received a water bill totaling $16,222. This bill was outrageously higher than their previous water bills, but they were forced to pay it, regardless, for fear their water would be shut off. The couple had plumbers come to the house to check for leaks and the town validated the accuracy of the water meter.

Better Coffee – No Sacrifices

My husband and I have decided to contribute more of our earnings to our savings account. Now that we have a son, we quickly realized that we have only 18 short years before that first tuition bill arrives in the mail. And I imagine it will be much larger than the tuition bills I’m used to!

Utilization, everyone is doing it!

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We are on a mission. We’re setting out to clear the air and build an understanding. We’re determined to put an end to the madness and stop the confusion. Once and for all, we’re going to set the record straight and help everyone, everywhere, understand what we really mean when we say… UTILIZATION.


WHAT VALUE ANALYSIS LESSONS CAN WE LEARN FROM A CONDIMENT KIT? Last week, I ordered take-out lunch with a colleague of mine, Danielle, from a popular restaurant north of Boston. My Greek salad was prepared correctly and contained just the right amount of feta and olives. Danielle’s turkey club was perfect, spread with just the right amount of remoulade and topped with fresh veggies. Obviously, the restaurant cares about customer satisfaction and quality outcomes, similarly to a patient-focused, well-run hospital Supply Chain department that is steeped in product utilization and value analysis philosophy.

How detergent pods can save healthcare

Each year, 600 loads of laundry are performed by the average American household. There aren’t many steps to performing a well-washed load of laundry, yet more than half of households inaccurately perform the most critical task by over-pouring laundry detergent.

Supply chain expenses: A never-ending diet

It seems like everyone I know is on a diet nowadays. All my friends have crawled their way out from under winter got on their soap box and decided to get back in shape by embarking on some new, ridiculous way to lose the extra pounds. I’ve heard how the Atkins diet shrinks fat cells, how the South Beach Diet increases energy, and how the grapefruit diet not only helps lose weight, but also improves skin tone. I’m just waiting for the day that the tapeworm diet makes it to the soap box, wouldn’t that just take the cake (no pun intended).
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