Blog : Your Water Bill for November is $16k… Now What? Blog : Your Water Bill for November is $16k… Now What?


Your Water Bill for November is $16k… Now What?

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Last week, in Marblehead, Massachusetts, a couple received a water bill totaling $16,222. This bill was outrageously higher than their previous water bills, but they were forced to pay it, regardless, for fear their water would be shut off. The couple had plumbers come to the house to check for leaks and the town validated the accuracy of the water meter. Yet, neither was found to be the culprit of the high water bill. While the couple says there must be an error, the town is standing by the couple’s use of 900,000 gallons of water for the month.*

Twenty miles away, in my Blue.Point office, I can’t help but relate this problem to the work we do. If we equate our supply utilization program to water usage, we’d be able to tell this couple far more than the obvious fact that their water bill is higher than normal. We’d be able to tell them how much water came into their house from the street versus how much water came out of their faucets. Even deeper, we could pinpoint which faucet the 900,000 gallons came out of (or didn’t). More than just plotting their water bill month over month, we could compare each faucets usage month over month… in real time. Think of the type of information this couple would be equipped with if the Blue.Point program existed outside of healthcare supply chain!

So what does Blue.Point do? We reduce the cost of best practice in healthcare by turning supply chain data into answers and actions. We can tell you where and when your products are being used, and moreover, compare that to other hospitals and established best practices. You’ll know who to talk to, what to do next, and how to achieve best practices at a lower cost.



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