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Boldly Take Value Analysis Beyond “All or Nothing”

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There will be times when a Value Analysis (VA) team and stakeholders disagree on a particular aspect of a project. It could be a product conversion, a practice change, or a complete elimination. It doesn’t necessarily mean one is right or wrong - there is just no common ground. The Association of Healthcare Value Analysis Professionals refers to the term BATNA, which stands for Best Alternative to Negotiated Agreement. Not exclusive to the VA realm, this occurs when there is an impasse and parties agree to the most favorable option acceptable to both.

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

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“Don’t sweat the small stuff” or so the saying goes. Well, I’m here to tell you that sometimes you should. In these tumultuous times in healthcare, hospitals are tasked with spending less, while providing more.

Checking the Blind Spot

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My recent experience looking for a new car has me thinking about the supply chain tools we use today. I really like my SUV, but I want to see what’s out there while I can still get a good trade-in price. I have 2 requirements for my car: leather seats and Bluetooth capability – pretty basic.

Your Water Bill for November is $16k… Now What?

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Last week, in Marblehead, Massachusetts, a couple received a water bill totaling $16,222. This bill was outrageously higher than their previous water bills, but they were forced to pay it, regardless, for fear their water would be shut off. The couple had plumbers come to the house to check for leaks and the town validated the accuracy of the water meter.

The Case for Nutcrackers

The holiday season has long been established as a time of celebrated excess. As I sat down to write this entry, I thought to myself, “who am I to swoop in like a Scrooge (or a Grinch or a Heat Miser) and try to convince you to scale it back this year”.

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